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Ayurvedic massage in kerala ayurveda packages in wayanad mansoon ayurveda packages Ayurveda Treatments in Wayanad helth care

'' Hitha hitham sukham dukham ayusthasya hithahitham Manam cha thachya yathroktham ayurveda ha sa uchyathe ''

Ayurveda is the science in which they explain about the advantages and disadvantages as well as happy and unhappy state of life along with what is good and what is bad for life...... So it's our contribution Kutipraveshika ayur nilayam.
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Kudipraveshika, welcomes you to the world of authentic ayurveda. A serene aryurvedic resort is located in Wayanad, the hill station of Kerala. Here you can benefit from traditional Ayurvedic therapy in a blissfully peaceful environment
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About ayurveda

kerala ayurvedic resorts

The true history of Ayurveda starts from the time of the holy books. The vedas ancient mythology contends that the concept and essence of Ayurveda was revealed by the creator of the world himself- Lord Brahma.

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Special Packages

special ayurvedic packages

Kudipraveshika Ayur Nilayam Provides special packages like Stress Management Program, Special Monsoon Packages, Ayurvedic Massage & Steam Bath that give physical & mental health without any side effects.

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Keral tourism

Experience nature in its purest form, staying in a Small Island. In the middle of an infinite stretch of lush green paddy field it looks like a green Oasis.Surrounded by a beautiful stream on all three sides

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Stress Management Program

We generally use the word "stress" when we feel that everything seems to have become too much we are overloaded and wonder wether we really can cope with the pressures placed upon us. Anything that poses a challenge or a threat to our well-begin is a stress.

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Monsoon Packages

According to ayurveda mid June to mid august is referred to as the varsha rithu and this is the best season for rejuvenation therapies that strengthens the body for the atmosphere is dust free and cool.Moreover the body is most receptive to herbal oils and therapies during the monsoon as this is when it's pores are...

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Ayurveda Honeymoon Package

Kudipraveshika ayurnilayam offers Special all inclusive Honeymoon Holiday Packages, Wellness Detoxification packages, Relaxation for Stress, Strain and provide with herbal medicines & Ayurveda Treatments.

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